On the LIFE PanPuffinus! boat in Malta ©Solenn Boucher

LIFE PanPuffinus! aims to decrease bycatch incidence and predation at breeding colonies by non-native invasive predators, the two main threats for the Yelkouan and Balearic Shearwater species. Conservation strategies will include the following:

  • Through a multi-approach methodology, collecting information on spatio-temporal characteristics of fisheries, seabird distribution and bycatch rates to produce bycatch risk maps
  • Presenting and trailing with fishers different bycatch mitigation measures to deter birds from fishing boats, reduce attraction or impede access of seabirds to a potential food
  • Selecting and adapting the most suitable bycatch mitigation measures to local realities
  • Creating a database to detail previous invasive species management efforts and current biosecurity status of the Mediterranean islands
  • Assessing the status of breeding Yelkouan and Balearic Shearwaters and potential invasive alien species in sites identified as biosecurity priorities using the ‘monitoring toolkit’
  • Carrying out rodent eradication and control efforts in priority sites
  • Implementing biosecurity plans to maintain predator-free status of predator-free sites or increase the efficiency of control efforts already in place
  • Compiling knowledge and experience of partners working with seabird bycatch in the Mediterranean
  • Increasing capacity of relevant authorities through awareness-raising activities and training to respond to country-specific threats to these species