The Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS) is the Greek BirdLife partner and has vast experience in implementing projects for the conservation of seabirds and marine areas.


Danae Portolou

HOS Project Coordinator

Danae has a BSc in Zoology and an MSc in Nature Conservation from UCL, UK.
She has worked in HOS since 1997 in numerous seabird projects, but also since 2010 coordinating volunteer monitoring projects such as the IBA programme, Mid-Winter Counts, Hellenic Common Bird Monitoring Scheme, Breeding Bird Atlas and national species censuses.
Danae currently coordinates the LIFE PanPuffinus! project in HOS/BirdLife Greece, as well as other projects and issues relating to seabirds and the marine space and is part of the main fieldwork team.


Dimitra Christidi

Fieldwork/Eradication Officer

Dimitra wanted to work with wildlife ever since she can remember.
She got her degree in Biology from the University of Athens and moved on to get a Post-graduate diploma in Wildlife Conservation from Oxford University, UK.
She has been involved with environmental NGOs ever since her student years, gaining experience in various fields, yet always returning back to sea.
Equipped with all necessary skills to be a proper mariner, she is currently working with the marine conservation team of HOS, taking part in the LIFE PanPuffinus! project.


Angelos Evangelidis

Fieldwork /Eradication Officer

Angelos is a field ornithologist who works mainly with raptors and seabirds. Since 2006 he has been involved in many conservation projects both on land and at sea. His usual tasks are monitoring  and tagging birds while he has also done extensive work in eradication of invasive species in the Aegean islets. In the LIFE PanPuffinus! project, he is part of the main field team. 


Roula Trigou

Communications Officer

Roula has a BSc in Forestry – Environmental Science with an MSc in Ecology – Ecosystems and Biological Resources Management and has been an active member of HOS since 1995.
After more than two decades of action with the HOS/BirdLife Greece, she has participated in numerous bird conservation, public awareness and environmental education projects and events across Greece and abroad, as well as implemented public awareness campaigns and created communication and educational materials.
Since 2009 she is coordinating the HOS communication & awareness activities.


Evgenia Panoriou

Environmental Education Officer

Evgenia has a BSc in Economics, a MSc in Environmental Policy and Management, as well as a Diploma in Teaching Competence.
From 2016 she is accredited as an outdoor practitioner (Level 2 Forest School Assistant Trainer).
She is leading all outdoor and nature education programmes of HOS/BirdLife Greece, creation of Environmental Education material and collaborates with the local educational community in favour of the natural environment.
She has been working in HOS/BirdLife Greece’s Environmental Education Department since 2009.


Aris Manolopoulos

GIS Officer

Aris is a GIS data scientist with a diverse background in Environmental Science, Conservation Biology and Remote Sensing. Through participation in numerous scientific and research projects during the last 14 years, he has gained extensive experience in environmental and biodiversity data management, engineering, analysis and modeling, mostly relating to seabirds, and marine IBA identification, as well as other protected areas and species.
With his work both in GIS/data analysis and fieldwork, Aris has contributed in the designation of the first inventory of Marine IBAs in Greece, while currently he has developed new methods for managing large GIS datasets (telemetry) and analytical techniques to map and model species distributions in both the marine and the terrestrial environment so that conservation efforts could be targeted more adequately and efficiently.


Konstantina Ntemiri

HOS Director

Konstantina has studied Environmental Science and holds an MSc in Sustainable Management of protected areas. She started her professional career in 2008 at the Institute of Inland Waters in the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, working as a field researcher.
From 2010 till 2013 she was a scientific advisor on environmental issues for a Member of the European Parliament.
From 2014 till 2022 she has been part of the HOS/BirdLife Greece team as Environmental Policy Officer, promoting the positions of HOS and being actively involved in policy-making.
From 2023 onwards she acts as the director the HOS/BirdLife Greece.


Panos Kordopatis

HOS Conservation Manager

Panos is a Forester/Environmentalist (MSc). He has been working in environmental NGOs for over 15 years and has been a member of the HOS Conservation team since 2013, mainly as a Project Coordinator for EU funded projects.
Since 2019 he holds the position of the Conservation Manager of HOS/BirdLife Greece.


Aris Christidis

Fisheries Officer

Aris is a BSc Agriculturalist and holds an MSc degree in Coastal Management. He has many years of experience in wildlife rehabilitation as a member of the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital.
Since 2003 he has been working at the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) in Kavala (NE Greece) collecting fisheries data. He is actively involved with Whale and Dolphin Conservation and a wildlife photographer.
As a FRI collaborator he is involved in recording cetacean strandings and bycatch of fishing activities, performs autopsies and collects samples for toxicological analyses.
In the LIFE PanPuffinus! project he participates as an external collaborator in fisheries and bycatch actions as well as ESAS data collection.


Roxani Naasan Aga-Spyridopoulou

Fisheries Officer

Roxani has a background in marine conservation with a focus on elasmobranch ecology and biology. Currently, she is studying Marine Sciences in the University of the Aegean in Lesvos and she is the Head of the Department of “Vulnerable Species” in iSea Environmental Organisation.
In the LIFE PanPuffinus! project she participates as an external collaborator in fisheries and bycatch actions, conducting Questionnaires and On-board surveys.


In Greece the project is also co-funded by A.G. Leventis Foundation and Green Fund.